What are the Prices?

Cider MakingWe can press apples as apple juice for you to freeze or pasteurise at home  - please see Do`s and Don`ts for information on picking apples for juice.

By arrangement we can pasteurise 14 or 28 x 75cl bottles of apple juice alongside your cider. Due to the length of time this process takes you may need to collect your finished bottles the following week.

Daily Hire
You can hire us for the day if you have a larger orchard or you want a community pressing day. We can press over 1000Kg of fruit - and if you have another team to manage the bladder press we can exceed this volume.

We charge
400 for the day plus diesel costs and can travel an hours drive from Putley. You will need to provide your own fermentation containers or bottles for juice.
We need to have access to water (to fill our washing container) and electricity. Give us a call to discuss this further.

The price is 40 per 25L container
(you need 50Kg fruit which is 2 potato-sack loads or 3-4 supermarket home-delivery boxes).
This price includes the 25L container and the air-lock for you to take away. You also get the pommace for composting which we will place in strong plastic bags.
If you already have containers the cost is
 35 per 25L container.

You can purchase additional containers for  10 each.

Apple Juice