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When Nigel and I moved to Putley, a small Herefordshire village close to the counties of Gloucestersire and Worcestershire, we couldn’t fail but be inspired by the rolling countryside, dotted with apple orchards, and the richness of wildlife. With the twice yearly Big Apple events in Putley and Much Marcle, we got involved as volunteers and started learning about apples , making cider, the importance of bees and the impact our orchards have on the economic and pastoral landscape.

Our foray into cider making started small, sourcing apples from local farms before then planting eight cider trees in our own garden.

When finding somewhere to press our apples became increasingly difficult, we decided to start The Little Cider Press Company in 2006, offering a small volume pressing service. Aimed at people like us with a few trees in their garden or a small orchard, we encourage people to bring along their fruit, get involved, have fun, and take away a barrel of juice ready to ferment at home. 

Apples are at our heart, and if you get value from your apples you are more likely to look after your trees. Then older traditional apple varieties, now only found in domestic gardens, will be preserved for future generations.

We hope you come along and enjoy a little slice of Herefordshire.


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