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Whether you've got a small orchard or just a few apple trees in your back garden, the Little Cider Press Company can easily help you turn your surplus fruit into delicious home-made cider. All you need is a minimum 50kg of fruit, and we will show you how to do the rest.

We press fruit on Saturdays from mid-September onwards (or when apples are ripened) either at Coldmoor Cottage, at local events or at your own orchard.  If this sounds like fun, then please do get in touch.

Core Information


Start here to find out more about what a pressing day involves, and some helpful do's and don'ts

From Juice to Cider

At the end of the press you will have the essential natural ingredient for making great cider. Here's what happens next.

Worth Knowing

Here you'll find some links to useful cider making resource sites, plus news of Cider events in Herefordshire. 

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