Cider Making Resources

www.cider.org.uk is Andrew Lea's web site and he has some excellent information and guidance.

'Real Cidermaking On a Small Scale' by Michael Pooley and John Lomax is an easy-to-read book and dedicates a chapter on troubleshooting which will also explain why we are so fastidious about cleanliness at every stage of the process!

Cider-Making Supplies

Sodium metabisulphite for sterilising containers, syphon tubing and airlocks can be found on a number of brewing shops or on-line. 

Lakeland stock a good range of sundry items as well as demi-johns and bottles.

www.vigopresses.co.uk supply everything you will need and more.

In and around Putley

Cider Events

Big apple   www.bigapple.org.uk

Eating out 

Butchers Arms  https://www.facebook.com/TheButchersArmsWoolhope/
Trumpet Inn      www.trumpetinnledbury.co.uk
The Nest            www.thenestledbury.co.uk

 Other local food companies and events

Herefordshire Food Links        www.herefordshirefoodlinks.org.uk 

Eat Sleep Live Herefordshire  www.eatsleepliveherefordshire.co.uk