Cider Making Resources

www.cider.org.uk is Andrew Lea's web site and he has some excellent information and guidance.

'Real Cidermaking On a Small Scale' by Michael Pooley and John Lomax is an easy-to-read book and dedicates a chapter on troubleshooting which will also explain why we are so fastidious about cleanliness at every stage of the process!

Cider-Making Supplies

Sodium metabisulphite for sterilising containers, syphon tubing and airlocks can be found on a number of brewing shops or on-line. 

Lakeland stock a good range of sundry items as well as demi-johns and bottles.

www.vigopresses.co.uk supply everything you will need and more.

In and around Putley

Cider Events

Big apple   www.bigapple.org.uk

Eating out 

Butchers Arms  www.butchersarmswoolhope.com
Trumpet Inn      www.trumpetinnledbury.co.uk
The Nest            www.thenestledbury.co.uk

 Other local food companies and events

Herefordshire Food Links        www.herefordshirefoodlinks.org.uk 

Eat Sleep Live Herefordshire  www.eatsleepliveherefordshire.co.uk