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We will be making cider most Saturdays in September and October but have some private events so please get in touch to see when we have availability.
We also have some availability during the week so please contact us to check

Depending on covid guidellines, we can still make cider whilst maintaining social distancing. We can divide the activities into 2, with you doing the washing and milling, and Nigel and I making the cheeses (filling cloths with milled apples) and pressing. 


We charge £45 per 25L container (40 pints).

We provide the 25L container and the air-lock for you to take away with you. You also get the pommace for composting which we will place in strong plastic bags.

If you bring your own containers the cost is £40 per 25L container.


You can hire us for the day if you have a larger orchard, or you band together with friends who also have fruit to press. We need to have access to water (to fill our apple-washing container) and electricity. We request you provide your own containers and can put you in touch with companies who can deliver.

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